At ShopLinens.ie we pride ourselves on offering a top selection of duvets in Ireland. We have duvets for every requirement, such as lightweight summer versions, ranging from four and a half, to six tog and all the way up to heavy weight winter duvets - ranging from 13.5 tog to 15 tog, which are set to keep you snug and comfy in the depths of winter.

Duvet Togs

With so many variations to choose from, ShopLinens.ie has narrowed the selection down to the top brands. These include:

Snuggledown - for synthetic duvets
Sleepwell Live Well - for natural feather and down products
Newhaus, Foxford, Irish Dreams and LinenMill – for those special Irish branded products. Foxford make a unique 15 tog duvet. 

When choosing a duvet, there are several things to consider, such as whether you require a synthetic hollowfibre, or natural feather and down product. You also need to determine your allergy requirements. While feather and down are best for allergy sufferers, some people cannot tolerate them. If you have dust mite allergies, then feather and down might be a better option, but if feather and down are among your allergies then you should consider the Snuggeldown Thermofill Fresh all seasons for an anti allergy duvet that will do you all year round.

The Thermofill Fresh duvet is treated with an anti bacterial treatment, making the hollowfibre fill inhospitable to dust mites. It is therefore anti dust mite, anti allergy and hypoallergenic. 

Weight and tog are another consideration. Tog is a measure of warmth in a duvet and, while 13.5
tog was the highest for decades, it has now been superseded by the introduction of a 15 tog. The Foxford 15 tog duvet is a great buy. At a 40 percent discount special offer, it really is a savvy purchase and is treated with non allergenic hollofibre. If you over-heat at night, even in the depths of winter, then consider the Snuggledown Thermofill Lite 10.5 Duvet.

Natural Feather and Down

Natural feather and down products have been around for generations, and for good reason, as they are excellent for allergy sufferers. The reason for their popularity lies in the natural ability of goose feathers to self regulate temperature, which is why geese do not shed in winter.

If you’re looking for exclusive natural feather products, then consider the Siberian goose down duvet. This model provides the most heat, as the Siberian goose has more protein in its diet, leading to a better quality feather, leading to a far warmer product. If you are still unsure which duvets are right for your needs, then please call us and one of our expert bed linen sales assistants will advise you.