Feather Pillows

Feather Pillows - View our range of Feather Pillows here at Anthony Ryans linens shop, offering excellent quality Feather Pillows to suit your needs.

Feathers are a natural product.  So only if you are specifically allergic to feathers, or any other product in the construction of your pillow, should a feather pillow cause a problem for you.  As a natural product they are 100% breathable, dust-mite resistant, antibacterial and generally easy to care for.  Feathers are the larger feather from the bird, generally coarser and larger, not as soft as the down feather.  More often than not there would be a combination of feather and down in a pillow.  The higher the down content the more expensive the pillow would be.  Feather pillows are normally machine washable and suitable for home dryers but can take time to time to full dry and come back to the original downy consistency.