Patchwork Throws

Patchwork Throws - View our range of Patchwork Throws here at Anthony Ryans linens shop, offering excellent quality Patchwork Throws to suit your needs.

Add the finishing touches to your new bedlinen by accessorising with the finishing touch of a co-ordinating throw. Completely set off the look with a plush range of throws, bedspreads and blankets available from  Traditionally a patchwork throw or quilt was a handmade blanket consisting of pieces of fabric sewn together to form a design.  Originally, this was to make full use of left-over scraps of fabric, but now fabric is often bought specially for a specific design and now more often just given a patchwork look by a print design on the fabric.  Throws are generally formed of three layers: the patchwork, a layer of insulation wadding and a layer of backing material.

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