Delonghi MultiFry Multicooker FH1130

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Delonghi MultiFry Multicooker FH1130

This De'Longhi MultiFry Multicooker combines a low-oil fryer with a multicooker so that you can prepare a variety of foods and meals easily.  Quickly frying fresh potatoes using just a spoon or two of oil.  Not limited to making chips and fried potatoes, the De'Longhi Multifry can also be used to cook all manner of tasty dishes including grilled fish, risottos, couscous, stews and ratatouilles. With a dynamic Surround Heating System giving you perfect all round heat allowing you to pull off a range of different recipes.

The De'Longhi Multifry can handle large food quantities with two heating elements positioned to provide both radiant and convection heat that cooks your ingredients beautifully every time and cuts down on cooking time.

Completely BPA-free.

A dishwasher-safe lid, paddle and bowl allow for simple maintenance.

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Please allow up to 28 days for Delivery in some exceptional cases.