Henckels Zwilling Pro 13cm Paring Knife

Product Number: HKL6301

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Henckels Zwilling Pro 13cm Paring Knife

ZWILLING Pro knives offer professional chefs and amateur cooks alike a perfect blend of innovative technology, traditional design features and exceptional precision.

The paring and garnishing knife from the ZWILLING® Pro series is a versatile and useful implement to have in your kitchen, ideal for peeling and garnishing almost all ingredients. Use it to peel, chop or garnish fruit and vegetables with ease or even use it to prick a roast. It is also ideal for cutting smaller pieces of meat. With a 13 cm blade, it is a relatively large example of this type of knife, so that it can be used to deal with small and even medium-sized ingredients. A key feature of this knife is its extremely slim blade, the tip of quite lies centrally.

The ZWILLING paring and garnishing blade uses a specially developed steel, which has been enhanced by ice hardening, making it extremely hard, yet flexible. The precision-forged blade produces unrivalled sharpness, enabling you to use this knife to cut even hard and solid ingredients with ease. The handle of the knife lies comfortably in the hand, thanks to its ergonomic shape.

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