Henckels Zwilling Pro 16cm Slicing Knife

Product Number: HKL7117

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Henckels Zwilling Pro 16cm Slicing Knife

The ZWILLING® Pro series is also extremely popular with professional chefs on account of its good cutting properties, comfortable grip and safety features. This knife with a 16cm long blade, is designed for all demanding tasks in the modern kitchen. A slim knife with its stable blade and smooth cutting edge is a useful tool for preparing meat and slicing roasts. This knife is perfect for cutting fried or boiled meat effortlessly and precisely. It does not tear apart the fibres of the meat and the juices remain in your food.

The slicing knife retains its value and cutting edge retention and is easy to look after. It is made of an exceptionally high-grade ZWILLING special formula steel to guarantee the very best cutting results. The blades also undergo a special ice-hardening process. The knives are precision-forged from a single piece of steel, thereby obtaining a perfect geometry and giving them a precise cutting edge and optimum balance. They are comfortable to hold even when performing difficult work, enabling you to work tirelessly. The ZWILLING slicing knife has a number of features that let you cut like a professional.

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