Prestige 10 Cup Coffee Maker

Product Number: MEY9063

RRP €50.00

Prestige 10 Cup Coffee Maker

There are certain times when a perfect cup of coffee is invaluable, be it first thing in the morning or to finish off a fabulous dinner party. The Prestige 10 cup coffee maker is there for you on such occassions.

The 10 cup capacity means it is perfect for after dinner coffees, whilst the water level indicator and the coffee cup guide on the glass mean that you won't waste energy or coffee if you are just making coffee for one person. The integrated hot plate is there either way - keepng your fresh coffee hotter for longer.

The removable swivel filter with non-drip valve helps avoid mess when removing the filter, so there's very little cleaning up to be done, and the safety cut-off means the machine will automatically switch off.

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